Fundermax Max Compact Exterior HPL phenolic panels.

Pathways Academy of Technology & Design in Connecticut

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryPathways Academy of Technology & Design at Goodwin CollegeEast Hartford, ConnecticutPathways Academy of Technology and Design is a magnet school offering different programs for students from grades 9-12 in the field of technology. The school is part of Goodwin College and it is located adjacent to Route 2, at the entrance to the college campus. Amenta Emma’s Education …

Motel Picasso, Fundermax Project in Mexico City.

Motel Picasso in Mexico

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryMotel Picasso Mexico City, MexicoThis project was designed by the architect Alejandro Castañeda from SAX Diseños y Desarrollos. One of the main goals for the conceptual design of this hotel was to honor the name of the artist, Picasso. The architect was able to achieve this by playing with the colors and adding irregular geometry of the elements …

Liverpool Toluca Fundermax Project.

Liverpool Toluca in Mexico

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryLiverpool Toluca Toluca, MexicoLiverpool is a chain of department stores with over 100 outlets throughout Mexico. In 2015, they opened a new location in Toluca, which became one of the most iconic commercial buildings in the surrounding area of Mexico City.How Max Compact Exterior Added Value For their new location in Toluca, they wanted a unique, “stand-out” façade. …

Fundermax Max Compact Exterior panels with an exposed fastening system.

Sodus High School in New York

Dan Simeone

Back to GallerySodus High SchoolSodus, New YorkThe design of this project grew out of the concern for enhanced security at this high school. Previously, an uninviting, deteriorating masonry canopy marked the school’s entry. It was riddled with ramps, stairs, and underutilized circulation space that was not optimized for program use. This renovation process involved design exploration of the building’s entrance. …

Fundermax project in Hooksett, New Hampshire with Max Compact Exterior panels.

Green Center for Student Success at Southern New Hampshire University

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryGreen Center for Student Success at Southern New Hampshire UniversityHooksett, New HampshireEmbracing their future-focused approach to higher education, the University and the design team saw an opportunity to transform the building from an energy liability space to a sustainable asset and create the first LEED-certified building on campus. The school’s New England setting weaves throughout the design, with …

Alto del Carmen Town Hall Fundermax Project with Max Compact Exterior panels.

Alto del Carmen Town Hall in Chile

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryAlto del Carmen Town HallAlto del Carmen, ChileThis project is located in Alto del Carmen, in the Valley of Huasco and the mountain range of The Andes. It is an area where the aridity of the hills meets with the green of the valley creating a very singular landscape. The design of this building was strongly influenced by …

Fundermax project in Uniondale, New York with Max Compact Exterior panels.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Nassau in New York

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center NassauUniondale, New YorkMemorial Sloan Kettering, is one of the top cancer treatment and research institutions in the United States. In April 2019, as part of their expansion process, they opened a new location in Nassau County, Long Island. It is a 14,000-square-foot freestanding treatment center with 220 employees. The exterior of the building …

Learning Community Center of North Omaha Fundermax Project

Learning Community Center of North Omaha in Nebraska

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryLearning Community Center of North Omaha Omaha, NebraskaThe Learning Community Center of North Omaha serves the community near Omaha in a variety of ways and connecting several learning programs in one opportune location. The west wing of the center includes two early childhood development learning classrooms, while the south wing includes three classrooms, one of which is used …