Code Compliance & Testing

As a pioneer in high-pressure laminates, Fundermax is committed to educating the market
on the various technical aspects of code compliance and building occupant safety. We
have a full array of testing for our exterior products and our interior products – including Max Resistance2 for laboratories. Below are the results of our most recent testing as well as safety data sheets for your use.

Certificates & Awards

Greenguard Gold Logo
Fundermax certification and specification with PEFC logo
Fundermax specification for Mindful Materials
Fundermax material certification with JIS-Z logo
Fundermax FSC certified with FSC logo
Intertek logo for Fundermax specification and certification
ICC logo for Fundermax specification and certification
Fundermax ISO specification and certifications with ISO logo
Sefa Logo
For a complete list of International Testing Certifications, please visit: