Discover Durable and Design-Conscious Laboratory Products

Style & Precision in Laboratory Paneling Products

Design trends for the labs of today and the future face many considerations. Functional flow, efficient access to disinfection stations and shared spaces, as well as zoning and occupancy all matter. Another priority is safe and eco-friendly materials. The range manufactured by Fundermax meets your needs for lab wall panels and other surfaces.

This unique series of homogenous phenolic panels can support scientific discovery while still offering style and visual appeal.

Fundermax offers adaptability with design flexibility for even the most challenging applications:

  • Lab wall paneling
  • Lab furniture
  • Partitions
  • Lab work surfaces
  • Fume hood liners

The Max Resistance² unique solid phenolic compact material resists constant exposure to moisture and chemicals and offers excellent mechanical and physical properties for the lab setting. Other Fundermax phenolic materials suited for the lab or research workshop include Max Compact Interior, NCore, and Individualdécor.

Align Design with Scientific Discovery

Empower discovery with innovative design solutions!
Lab Surfaces | Fundermax

Lab Surfaces - Horizontal

Offering chemical, stain, scratch, impact and heat resistance, Max Resistance² is also easy-to-clean and disinfect. Perfect for work surfaces in laboratories and clinical settings.
Architectural Panels | Fundermax

Architectural Panels

Add style to heavy duty areas with the range of colors and finishes from the Max Compact Interior line.

Digitally Printed Panels | Fundermax

Digitally Printed Panels

The possibilities are limitless with Individualdécor, enabling customized, branded, and large-scale printed laboratory panels for any design aesthetic.
Non-Combustible Panels | Fundermax

Non-Combustible Panels

The durable and attractive NCore non-combustible interior panel comes in a wide range of colors and decors.
Non-Combustible Panels | Fundermax

Lab Surfaces - Vertical

Offers hygienic laboratory panels in exterior colors without sacrificing durability, design, or sustainability. Ideal for hospitals, laboratories, airports, schools, nursing homes, restrooms, and gyms.

Create Clean, Compliant, and Creative Lab Spaces

Designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, installers, and contractors alike will be delighted with the results when they install high-quality Fundermax phenolic panels for labs. Our phenolic panels (also known as high-pressure laminate or HPL panels) resist chemicals, moisture, scratches, and extreme temperatures in the lab setting to offer lasting durability.

Using sustainable products that meet LEED requirements, the range of phenolic HPL panels can extend the life cycle of the laboratory workspace. A variety of Fundermax's innovative and high-quality products also meet and surpass SEFA 3 standard (horizontal applications) and SEFA 8 standard (vertical applications).

Set a new standard for scientific laboratory design with Fundermax. Our experts are available to discuss the unique qualities of our surface technologies, including antibacterial finishes. Drawing on examples of applications globally, our team can help inspire your imagination. Design a scientific space suited for superior performance with us!

Lab workers are required to be precise. Those building the space for their work must also pay close attention to cleanliness, compliance, chemical and scrub resistance as well as avoiding contamination.

Support your scientists and researchers in their search for the next great breakthrough. The right design, using the best material for your product needs, can support creativity and critical thinking. Partner with Fundermax to encourage a spirit of discovery with your design.