Discover The Look For Your Laboratory

The Science of Laboratory Paneling Applications

Safety, wellbeing, and research credibility are critical elements for laboratories. Fundermax's phenolic laboratory paneling meets a lab's exacting specifications for both functional and design-led applications.

Design and durability are the cornerstones of Fundermax's solid phenolic compact panels. Meeting and surpassing stringent SEFA laboratory test certificates, Max Resistance2 is a perfect solution when designing or building the best space for scientific exploration.

Max Resistance2 is a unique, solid phenolic compact affording a superior ability to resist exposure to moisture, chemicals, and harsh cleaning agents. This laboratory paneling material is also lightweight giving rise to ease of installation.

Fundermax materials create the perfect solution for collaborative scientific discoveries. Our Max HPL, Max Compact Interior, and Individualdécor product lines also suit laboratory applications all of which, including Max Resistance2, offers:

  • High durability
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Anti-bacterial surfaces and easy disinfection
  • Scratch and impact resistance
  • Lightfastness
  • Stocked in the USA for lower lead times
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Product warranty
  • Wide range of colors

Create the right conditions for scientific discovery in the lab with Fundermax. Whether yours is an educational, research & development, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, or petrochemical lab environment, virtually every lab can benefit. Your scientists aren't the only ones who creatively problem solve. Our researchers are hard at work identifying ways to innovate and provide new sustainable and high-quality scientific work surface solutions.

Many Methods for Applying Laboratory Paneling

Take a fresh look at laboratory design with Fundermax.

Lab Work Surfaces | Fundermax

Lab Work Surfaces

Your work surfaces will be suited for the toughest lab environments using Fundermax’s flexible and lightweight, yet highly durable Max Resistance2.
Lab Shelving | Fundermax

Laboratory Shelving

Double-sided phenolic HPL panels offer chemical resistance, flexural strength and color coordination that are ideal for reagent shelving.
Furnature | Fundermax


From flexible mobile workstations to fixed casework, Fundermax has a range of phenolic HPL panels to manufacture safe and stylish furniture.
Fume Hood Liners | Fundermax

Fume Hood Liners

Fume hoods are a lab must-have. Coordinate design with superior chemical resistance by utilizing Fundermax phenolic HPL panels.
Wall Lining | Fundermax

Wall Lining

Nonporous HPL panels are easier to clean and disinfect. The wide color range opens up creativity too. Add durability with NCore.

Lab Paneling That Lasts and Looks Good

Lab furniture manufacturers, designers, architects, building owners, and general contractors all rely on Fundermax for solutions that enhance the design and wellbeing of the laboratory.

For wall partitions, laboratory countertops, lab furniture, safety cabinets, and fume hoods, Fundermax has created a range of stylish yet functional solutions. Designed and manufactured to minimize environmental impact, this sustainable phenolic paneling will add to LEED credits and can aid wellbeing in the lab.

Meet your needs for durable, chemical resistant, and anti-bacterial lab paneling with a solution that adds style and character. Made of raw renewable materials, Fundermax phenolic (also known as a high-pressure laminate or HPL) panels are the smart and sustainable choice for lab applications.

Fundermax's experienced team is available to help determine the best-suited material and surface choices for the lab of today and the future.