Exterior Natural Panels


Get a Natural Look From Reliable HPL Panels

Even the most innovative design can look as if it grew from the ground naturally. Fundermax's Authentic exterior high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels capture the beauty of nature while retaining the durability and reliability needed.

Our natural panels provide an attractive alternative to standard exterior building cladding. Create a lasting impression using Fundermax Authentic exterior panels to give a natural wood-like grain to your rainscreen façades, soffits, sunshades/louvers, balconies, outdoor furniture, and more.

Natural Panel Benefits

Enjoy a highly individualized look to your panels with natural exterior HPL (also known as phenolic) paneling. Our architectural exterior panels:

Offer UV and weather resistance
Stand-up to scratches, graffiti, impact and solvents
Install easily
Provide a low-maintenance solution
Comply with code

Fundermax natural exterior cladding is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a variety of different fastenings, to meet your creative, technical needs.

Why Natural Panels From Fundermax

Whether you want your design or build to blend into its organic surroundings or to make a unique, yet natural-looking impression, Fundermax's natural exterior phenolic panels offer the lively decor structure you need.

Fundermax natural paneling lets you make a mark with your exterior design. Enjoy high-quality and easy installation while knowing you're picking an organic product too.

With more than a century of experience developing attractive and durable panels from renewable raw materials, Fundermax incorporates sustainability into all its business processes. Know that you're making the right choice for the environment while making the best choice for your project too.

Learn more about the versatility of Fundermax exterior panels taking advantage of free architect and technical consulting on our comprehensive system solutions.

Protect Your Building — Naturally.