FunderMax and the Environment

FunderMax's business practices and commitment to our environment emphasize sustainability.

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FunderMax & Green Buildings

For over 100 years, we have specialized in processing renewable raw materials. Our ISO accredited integrated management system is just one component of our environmentally friendly approach.

FunderMax products contribute to LEED standards in a number of categories:

  • FunderMax panels are FSC Certified and consist of 65% natural fibers. This may contribute to MRc "Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Sourcing of Raw Materials" under "Leadership Extraction Practices."
  • FunderMax is also ahead of the curve in being able to provide Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Health Product Declaration (HPD) Certificates.
  • The EPD may contribute to LEED MRc "Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Environmental Product Declarations."
  • The HPD may contribute to LEED MRc " Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Sourcing Material Ingredients."

We source our raw materials from vendors certified according to Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) or PEFC standards promoting sustainable forest management.

FunderMax is GREENGUARD certified and GREENGUARD GOLD certified in some cases. This helps customers know our interior products and materials have low emissions, which aids in providing a safe building interior environment.

Also, enjoy the confidence of knowing urea formaldehyde is never added to FunderMax products.

Create Sustainably with FunderMax!

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FunderMax panels are made from natural wood fibers that are a by-product of lumber production or of sawmills. FunderMax maintains the highest standards of responsible forestry.

FunderMax & Environmental Management

Doing the right thing is a way of life for FunderMax. Our commitment is substantiated by our integrated management system's certifications meeting ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 standards. These management systems are reviewed constantly by both internal and external experts and ensure a high standard of quality, environment responsibility, energy efficiency and occupational safety.

Throughout all of FunderMax operations, we are dedicated to creating and implementing measures to continuously reduce environmental pollution and increase energy efficiency. We aim to be responsible and minimize effects on both people and the environment through ongoing improvements, sustainable investment, consistent monitoring and cleaner processes.

FunderMax uses closed loop production cycles, and we own our own power generating facility. Manufacturing wastes provide heat to thousands of households in Austria.

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As an industrial company, we are conscious of our impact on our neighbors too. At each manufacturing site, we have in-house teams dedicated to creating and implementing measures for environmental and energy programs. This ensures a continuous reduction of environmental pollution and increasing energy efficiency to reach our ambitious goals of improving our energy efficiency by up to 20% within five years.

Sustainability in the FunderMax Process

Green Energy for everyone

Green electricity that could supply 35,000 households
District heating for a total of 8,500 households
18,000 tons less emissions per year / location
Our fuels consist of 85% biomass
100% sustainable forestry
Reduction of CO2 emissions by 30% since 2005.

When creating our products, we actually generate a great deal of the energy we need. Since 2005, we've been able to save 30% of fossil CO2 emissions, thanks largely to our investments in energy efficiency and by changing the fuel we use.
 At our sites in St. Veit /Glan and Neudörfl, Austria, we've also combined heat and power plants that generate certified green electricity for the public grid and district heating for surrounding households and public buildings. This replaces the individual heating systems of neighboring buildings, thus reducing emissions which impact the environment.

At our Max Exterior factory in Weiner Neudorf, exhaust air is removed from the drying process and treated using regenerative thermal oxidation with the resulting heat being fed back into the drying process. This efficient exhaust air treatment avoids CO2 emissions of approximately 10,000 tons annually at the production site.

FunderMax Exterior panels are made from natural wood fibers in the form of kraft paper, sourced from FSC certified forests. The panels are comprised of approximately 65% wood fiber by weight and 35% resins.

FunderMax Exterior product decomposes into carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water and ash through thermal recycling. It is through this environmentally responsible process that green energy is produced.

FunderMax Exterior panels do not contain organic halogen compounds (or chlorine, fluorine, bromine, etc.), which can be found in greenhouse gases or PVC. They are also free of asbestos, wood protection agents (fungicides, pesticides, etc.) and sulphur, mercury or cadmium.

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