Wall Lining

Lab Wall Panels Add Layers to Design

A durable, eco-friendly yet safe environment is a high priority when designing lab spaces. Selecting the correct lab wall paneling can make a positive impact too. Fundermax offers a range of lab wall paneling to meet specifications and add a design element to vertical applications.

High-quality interior phenolic lab wall panels are ideal for modular, mobile, and fixed laboratory walls. These non-porous and moisture-resistant interior wall lining panels are easy to clean, disinfect, and anti-bacterial.

Fundermax's Individualdécor, Max Compact Interior, and thin laminate (HPL) panels come in a wide range of colors and finishes. Enjoy a higher level of design flexibility for every style of lab and clean room.

Make an Impression with Laboratory Wall Panels

Expressive interiors make an impression with unique Fundermax laboratory and cleanroom wall paneling. Fundermax lab wall linings are always built with raw renewable materials to offer:

  • Chemical, moisture, and impact resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Easy disinfection
  • Easy fabrication and installation
  • Anti-graffiti surfaces
  • Two-year warranty
  • Wide range of colors and thicknesses

Need a unique solution? Try Individualdécor custom printed wall panels. Personalize the walls of your environment with corporate logos, messages, and more.

Along with sustainability and innovation, Fundermax also focuses on customer service with integrity. Our experts keep up with lab design trends and specification needs. We understand the needs of architects, designers, general contractors, and building owners. Let's work together to reimagine your lab interior.

Look Into Lab Wall Panel Possibilities.