Fundermax Interior Paneling Applications Abound

Interior Projects Open up Creative Possibility

To develop unique projects, you need creative ideas. Make the most of your interior space inspirations using the power of innovative wall paneling. Whether you're creating a new design or handling a remodel, you want users to appreciate the form, function, and beauty of the space they're in.

Meet the requirements of the space and still meet your objective of establishing a space that tells a story and makes an impression. You don't have to settle for one interior feature wall. Do so much more with your interior design with a Fundermax solution.

With high-pressure laminate (HPL) compact panels you can:

  • Make a bold, colorful statement
  • Realize a natural look
  • Customize interior wall paneling to your brand identity
  • Establish unique personality using our wide range of colors, surfaces, and finishes

Fundermax interior paneling, lockers, office and restroom partitions, furniture, and more can be found in great designs globally. Our happy customers have used Max Compact Interior, Max Compact HPL, and Individualdécor in their education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, residential, commercial, transportation, sports, culture, and community interior environments. We're also well-established as a provider of high-quality and durable interior wall cladding and workstations in the laboratory space.

Innovation Meets Interior Design Durability

Your interior can look great and withstand the worst of every day wear when you choose HPL interior cladding.

Interior Wall Lining | Fundermax

Interior Wall Lining

Make a design statement anywhere with high quality, sturdy interior wall paneling. HPL compact panels give you more freedom in design without sacrificing reliability.
Lockers | Fundermax


Lockers secure personal belongings. A design priority is longevity. Durable HPL compact panel lockers are moisture, solvent, impact and scratch resistant.
Washroom Partitions | Fundermax

Washroom Partitions

Our panels come in a wide color range. But, when it comes to washrooms, cleanliness comes first. Our offerings are non-porous, moisture resistant and simple to clean.
Furniture | Fundermax


Our easy-to-clean panels come in a wide range of colors and woodgrains. Get the benefits of compact HPL and the look of natural wood.

Balancing Beauty, Quality, and Durability in Interior Panels

You have big ideas for your design project. Realize the effect you're looking for with HPL compact (also known as phenolic) panels available for your interior walls, lockers, washroom partitions, furniture, stairways, and other interior areas.

The range of surfaces and finishes Fundermax offers support just about every application you can imagine. Benefit from the smart design choice that offers:

  • Higher design flexibility
  • Non-porous surfaces for an easy clean
  • Solvent resistance
  • Double-sided balanced panels
  • Impact and scratch resistance
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Simple installation
  • Moisture resistance
  • Code compliance and support for LEED certification
  • Quick shipment of select colors from US stock

With Individualdécor, you can even customize your interior with large-scale digitally printable panels.

Apply your imagination to your interior environment with Fundermax.