Interior Digitally Printed Panels


Printed Panels Powering Your Imagination

Little is as frustrating as an unrealized design vision. The designer, architect or builder can see the idea clearly. But turning it into a reality can be challenging. Yet with Individualdecor, printed wall panels anything is possible.

FunderMax's High Pressure Laminate (HPL) printed panels are custom-designed to achieve whatever you imagine.

Our interior printed wall paneling opens up limitless design opportunities. Individualdecor HPL panels (also known as phenolic panels) are used globally in all manner of ways including:

  • Wall lining
  • Washroom partitions
  • Lockers
  • Interior Furniture

Enjoy higher design flexibility with printed phenolic panels manufactured to your project specifications. With Individivualdecor, your design can be printed on a single panel or across several panels. These printed panels are ideal for large design interior spaces and for special visual effects.

Put printed phenolic panels in place to build your business identity and support your brand. If you think it, we can create it.

Advantages of Interior Printed Phenolic (HPL) Paneling

Large-scale digitally printable
Non porous and easy to clean
Code compliant
Solvent resistant
Impact and scratch resistant
Moisture resistant
Does not support micro organic growth
Double-sided balanced panels
Whether your project is a public or private space, visual highlights can make a positive impression on users. Decorative, durable and structurally sound, Individualdecor printed panels set a new trend and a new standard in the architectural field.

Partner with FunderMax for your Printed Panels

FunderMax has been manufacturing high quality, durable phenolic panels made from renewable raw materials for more than a century. Our processes and production facilities meet international ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and EN 16001 standards.

We also take sustainability seriously. Our products contribute to LEED in a number of categories: Renewable Materials, FSC®, Greenguard, EPD, LCA. Count on FunderMax for high quality and durability.

Make your mark with FunderMax design innovation.