Furniture and Other Applications

Exterior Furniture That Enhances The Design Story

Architects think about the bones of the building, but know that every element makes a difference. Exterior furniture, for instance, can be incorporated into an environment to add energy and enhance the overall design story.

Fundermax's high-pressure laminate (HPL) compact panels are used in exterior facades, soffits, balconies, sunshades, and more. That includes commercial outdoor furniture. Your park, hotel, restaurant, or other business is looking for reliable durability from its outdoor furniture. Yet you don't need to sacrifice style and sustainability.

Fundermax has global experience creating luxury outdoor furniture and commercial outdoor patio furniture for all manner of applications. Using Max Compact Exterior (phenolic) or Individualdécor, you can add expression to your outdoor environment too.

Outdo Yourself with HPL Outdoor Furniture

Fundermax's high-quality, long-lasting HPL (also known as phenolic) compact panels can handle a heavy beating from environmental factors. Patented NT surfaces with double hardened acrylic-polyurethane resins add effective protection against the weather, according to standard EN 438-6, type EDF.

Build your modern commercial outdoor furniture using raw renewable materials that are code compliant and can potentially contribute to LEED certifications.

Fundermax HPL compact panels are

  • High in mechanical strength
  • Color resistant against UV rays
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant

Work with Fundermax experts to design and manufacturer outdoor furniture that's easy to install, simple to clean, and requires minimal maintenance. Choose from a broad range of colorfast surfaces and materials to make an impression whether it's an outdoor park picnic bench or a luxury hotel chaise lounge.

Exterior Furniture Built to Last & Look Good