Fume Hood Liners

Safe Yet Stylish Fume Hood Liners

With safety a high priority in the lab environment, fume hoods serve a critical purpose whether it is a light-duty enclosure through to a heavy-duty fume hood, designed specifically to filter toxic fumes, dust, smoke, and other irritants while simultaneously cleaning the air in the lab. Either way, the fume hood can coordinate with the rest of the lab design through its liner.

Prioritize performance, efficiency, and safety. High-quality Fundermax phenolic panels can be used for chemical fume hood liners that resist moisture, chemicals, and heat (up to 360°).

Our Max Resistance2 provides the optimum solution and can withstand heavy usage in the lab. Max Compact Interior and Individualdécor phenolic paneling are great options for lab fume hoods due to their durability and code compliance.

Discover Phenolic Chemical Fume Hoods

Fundermax lab-grade phenolic panels are market leaders offering several advantages:

  • Chemical, moisture, and impact resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Easy to fabricate and install
  • 10-year warranty
  • Available in a range of colors and finishes

Reduce or eliminate user exposure to volatile liquids, dust, and mists with a laboratory hood that is built to last. Fundermax panels for fume hood linings also come in a series of colors that can work with corporate logos. Maintain brand awareness by requesting customized Individualdecor fume hood liners. Enjoy the physical properties you need while also capturing the attention of users and visitors to the lab space!

Safer Science with Fume Hood Linings.