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Shape, color and material all convey emotions, tell stories and inspire new ideas. These stories and ideas all lend unique character to buildings.

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What are Phenolic Panels?

Fundermax High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels, also known as phenolic panels, provide creative and technical components that offer positive change in the way exterior and interior structures are designed and built.

Fundermax provides many types of phenolic panels to its global customers, for both exterior and interior use. So, what exactly are phenolic panels?


Fundermax panel manufacturing begins with natural, cellulose fiber panels consisting largely of wood that has been processed into "kraft papers." We source these raw materials from vendors certified according to Forestry Stewardship Council standards (FSC) or PEFC. A synthetic polymer (phenolic resin) and a decorative layer are added to the layers of kraft paper and then cured under high heat and pressure.

This results in Fundermax panels being:

  • Easy to install
  • Scratch and graffiti resistant
  • Non-porous and moisture resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical resistant

Fundermax panels do not contain organic halogens (or chlorine, fluorine, bromine, etc.), found in greenhouse gases or PVC. They contain neither asbestos nor wood protection agents (fungicides, pesticides, etc.) and are free of sulfur, mercury, and cadmium.

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What We Do | Fundermax
We see ourselves as a production facility, a service partner and a design laboratory. We feel our competence in these three fields will help you create the vision you have for your exterior, interior or laboratory space.

About Fundermax Panels

Fundermax opens up a world of innovative possibilities to create distinct character for your exterior and interior spaces.

Max Compact Exterior is a highly durable exterior wall cladding product. Rainscreen applications are becoming more widely used on many different building types, so our range of decor is also continually expanding and evolving in terms of nuance and variety including:

  • Large format panels perfect for creating long-lasting facades or cladding balconies
  • Durable compact panels made mainly of core layers offering a natural, organic texture
  • Fire resistant panels combining style and safety
Fundermax Panels
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With fire testing for all our products -- whether single- or double-sided -- Fundermax offers a more stable, durable panel with genuine wood grains, realistic stone, and metal decors with a strong grouping of uni-colors that are all UV resistant. Fundermax HPL can be installed with several unique fastening systems.

Fundermax's interior products offer much more than a colorful panel. Fundermax offers solutions for a wide variety of interior applications offering elegance, polish, taste, and style in a wide array of colors and shapes:

  • Melamine-faced chipboards to meet everyday needs
  • Panels with stronger layer structure for extra resistance to knocks and surface scratches
  • Decorative, durable high-pressure laminate panels
  • Sophisticated wall protection and cladding for creative design and superior function

Easy to install, Fundermax noncombustible interior products are durable and easy to clean. Whatever you create, Fundermax always offers consistent quality and uncompromising strength.

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