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Learning Community Center of North Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska

The Learning Community Center of North Omaha serves the community near Omaha in a variety of ways and connecting several learning programs in one opportune location.

The west wing of the center includes two early childhood development learning classrooms, while the south wing includes three classrooms, one of which is used for early childhood instruction for those seeking degrees in Early Education. The other two classrooms provide learning opportunities for parents through continuing education and are also utilized by several surrounding-area colleges and universities that offer onsite classes.

An observation room at the core of the classrooms features digital audio and video capture of young users, allowing participants to interact with the instructors as part of the onsite Early Education degree program. A central connector houses the indoor play center for children in the Educare program, as well as a multipurpose/conference room that is used by community groups.

How Max Compact Exterior Added Value
This colorful project was designed with Max Compact Exterior panels. The rainscreen façade protects the building with a solid structure and works as a curtain. The perforation of the panels allows the natural light to pass through the wall and bring illumination to the interior of the classrooms, through the windows that hide behind this curtain wall. This architectural element becomes a highlight in the design and adds character to the building, together with the playful color combination that creates a special attraction.
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Rainscreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior


Culture & Community




Yellowish Green #0725

Gentian Blue #0237

Steel Blue #0712

Atlantic #0717

Fastening System:


Photo Credit:

John Gawley (SGH)