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Max Compact Interior Plus
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Panel sizes
Interior Plus (IP) Finish
  • GR: 110 1/4" X 51 3/16" (2800 X 1300mm)
  • SP: 110 1/4" X 73" (2800 X 1854mm)*
  • JU: 161 3/8" X 51 3/16" (4100 X 1300mm)
  • XL: 161 3/8" X 73" (4100 X 1854mm)
  • OF: 144 1/2 x 64 3/16 (3670 x 1630 mm)
*Note: Only available up to 15mm
Panel thicknesses
5/64" (2mm) to 13/16" (20mm)
Fastening systems

The Design Possibilities Are Endless with Max Compact Interior Plus Phenolic Panels

Demanding designs require the very best. Even the most ambitious project needs attractive elements to make a visual impression. Tell your design story with durable high-pressure laminate (HPL) wall lining panels. These phenolic panels offer high quality and support design versatility too.

Max Compact Interior Plus (IP) panels were created for demanding applications such as laboratories, interior wall cladding, wet rooms, hospitals, hallways, nursing homes, etc. They have a double hardened, pore-free, sealed urethane acrylate layer.

The Interior Plus HPL panels are designed for use in heavily frequented areas with more intensive cleaning or hygienic requirements, such as in hospitals, schools, universities, sanitary rooms in hotels and public areas, as well as buildings with occasionally increased risk of infection (airports, train stations), industrial kitchens, restaurants, and public transportation (bus stops).

Due to its outstanding surface, Max Compact Interior Plus HPL panels have many uses:

  • Laboratory workspaces
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Wall lining
  • Public bathrooms
  • Wet areas (ex. saunas)
  • Partitions for offices and restrooms
  • Column cladding
  • Railing infill panels
  • Furniture
  • School and university buildings
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Restaurants
  • High-traffic hallways
  • Elevators

Double-sided Max Compact Interior Plus panels are also put to good use in non-decorative applications such as machine tables, moulding boards, and more.

Interior Phenolic (HPL) Paneling Benefits

100% Recycled Core Paper
Color fast
Easy to clean
Easy to install
Code compliant
Graffiti resistant
Solvent resistant
Double hardened
Moisture resistant
Double-sided balanced panels
Does not support micro-organic growth

Max Compact Interior Plus phenolic (HPL) paneling comes from Fundermax in a wide range of decors, textures, and thicknesses of 5/64" (2mm) to 13/16" (20mm).

Education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, multifamily residential, commercial office, transportation, sports facility, or culture and community projects can enjoy quick shipment of select colors from US stock.

Choose Fundermax for Your Interior Phenolic (HPL) Wall Lining

Fundermax is a leading supplier of decorative laminates (HPL). For more than a century, we have focused our efforts on continuous improvement of product quality and the regular update of designs to reflect the latest market trends.

Our production facilities and processes meet or exceed internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and EN 16001. Additionally, our interior phenolic cladding is sustainably manufactured using raw renewable materials.

Fundermax takes sustainability seriously. With our EPD, HPD, PEFC, 100% recycled core paper, and Greenguard Certificates we may contribute to LEED in a number of categories.

Count on Fundermax for environmentally responsible, durable, high-quality products made from rapidly renewable raw materials.

Expand Your Mind and Extend Your Design with Fundermax’s Interior Plus Phenolic Panels.