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Motel Picasso

Mexico City, Mexico

This project was designed by the architect Alejandro Castañeda from SAX Diseños y Desarrollos. One of the main goals for the conceptual design of this hotel was to honor the name of the artist, Picasso. The architect was able to achieve this by playing with the colors and adding irregular geometry of the elements in the façade.

To come up with a design concept that would do justice to the hotel's company name and its brand status was a challenge. Artistic depictions such as those of Picasso are anything but regular and uniform.

The architect remarked: "Each piece is different and all of them at the same time create a volume with a visual impact that moves from a normal scale to a macro scale. We could only accomplish our goal by using Fundermax panels, thanks to their very lightweight structure because as a renovation project, lightweight panels were a must."

How Max Compact Exterior Added Value

The contrast between the jaunty Picasso angles and the warm depth of the decor offers a very welcoming finish. The juxtaposition worked just perfectly. Fundermax's Amazon and deep Black Max Compact Exterior rainscreen panels combine to create a very contemporary and artistic facade for this quirky hotel.

The owners were also astutely aware that the design must be stand-out; according to them, "The façade is an essential element in all our businesses. It is what attracts our clients at first sight. Once inside, it is our job to ensure that the feeling of quality and warmth is reinforced. Giving visitors the dependable service they expect to make their stay memorable encourages them to want to come back time and again."

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Rainscreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior






Amazon #0922
Black #0080

Fastening System:



SAX Diseño y Desarrollo

Photo Credit:

Alejandro Castañeda