Education (CEU-AIA & IDCEC)

Fundermax is committed to partnering with architects to provide relevant and interesting AIA-certified CEU presentations related to exterior and interior design trends and topics. We also provide insightful lab-focused courses that are AIA and IDCEC certified. Below is a list of the current presentations available for your team.

High Pressure Compact Laminate Panel Attachment Methods for Facades

Program Description

This program will provide education and an understanding of the components and mounting of HPL panels in a rainscreen facade.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the components involved in mounting high-pressure laminate panels on a façade
  • Have an awareness of the different aesthetics that can be achieved with HPL mounting systems
  • Know the pros and cons of various materials used as HPL mounting systems
  • Select the proper HPL mounting system details for their intended design
  • Design an HPL façade with proper airflow and drainage
  • Understand attachment methods for continuous insulation and for HPL panels and how they interact
  • Know what questions to ask in terms of code compliance with HPL assembly options
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Lab Design Trends in a Post-COVID Era - How it Impacts Your Laboratory Work Surface Choice

COURSE NUMBER: CEU-114293 // CREDITS: 1.5 LU/HSW Hour // AIA and IDCEC Certified
Program Description

This seminar will look at laboratory design trends post-COVID era as well as compare different products based on performance, cost, and sustainability.

Learning Objectives
  • Summarize the needs that are driving current trends in laboratory design.
  • Describe the criteria of laboratory design required to meet these trends in a post-COVID-19 world.
  • List the performance characteristics that must be considered when specifying a laboratory work surface and explain some of the tests work surfaces are subjected to.
  • Compare laboratory work surfaces and specify the appropriate surface based on performance characteristics, cost, and sustainability.
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