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Richard G. Lugar Plaza

Indianapolis, Indiana

The old Marion County Courthouse was built in 1876 and was located at 200 East Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The building was designed by Isaac Hodgson and featured an elaborate Baroque architectural style.

In addition to serving as a courthouse, the building also held the city government offices until the City Hall was built in 1910. In 1962, the courthouse was moved into the new City-County Building and the old Marion County Courthouse was demolished to make room for a public square.

The new square, where this building was once located, now features a small construction of a city-county building cladded with Max Compact Exterior panels and a custom graphics' Individualdécor phenolic panel.

How Individualdécor Added Value

In this project, the panels display a historical photo of the original structure with the history of its inception and development. It also includes an "1821 Plat of Indianapolis" with a supporting image of an aerial footprint of Indianapolis.

All these print jobs were made with Individualdécor custom graphic panels, showing in black and white the perfect image of the old documents and a building postcard that is more than one century old.

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