Why Fundermax?

Three words: Reliability, Innovation, and Sustainability. These are the driving force of Fundermax. It is a company-wide passion. In addition, Fundermax holds ISO-certification in several international standards. Partner with Fundermax. We understand and respect architects, designers, contractors, and building owner needs.
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Our strength lies in superior quality wood-based materials and compact laminates. We see ourselves as a production facility, a service partner, and a design laboratory supporting you with high-quality ideas and products for commercial and residential buildings, laboratories, furniture, and more.

In an effort for continuous improvement in service, product, and environmental responsibility, Fundermax has designed its production facilities and processes on internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and EN 16001. This fact assures customers they are getting a high-quality construction product, manufactured with respect for our environment.

Fundermax North America has more code compliance testing and approvals than any of our competitors. Fundermax is rigorously tested for durability, fire, and UV resistance.

We have 120+ years of experience!
Fundermax has five manufacturing plants in Austria utilizing the latest manufacturing technology to be the industry leader in laminate panel production.
Funder Max


Fundermax has been in business since 1890. You cannot succeed for this length of time without the ability to innovate, adapt and embrace new construction practices and expectations. We develop new products and bring them to market. Our employees demonstrate the courage to embrace new ideas, creativity, and an innovative spirit.

From the unique fastening systems to the genuine wood grains, natural stones, and metals, along with a wide array of uni-colors, our offerings are always evolving to match needs and expectations.

Fundermax innovations include Max Compact Exterior rainscreen systems offering durable, unique facades.

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Whether your design is narrow plank or large format panels, Fundermax Max Compact Exterior has endless options as well as a large color range to choose from.

Individualdecor panels incorporate the use of digital graphics, enabling an architect, designer, owner etc. to create custom images for their façade or interior build out. Individualdécor carries the same extraordinary durability and UV resistance as standard Fundermax interior and exterior panels.

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Fundermax places a high priority on sustainability throughout the whole process. From raw material procurement to manufacturing to end use of the product. In procuring raw materials and intermediate products, we adhere to sustainable forestry standards such as those from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and PEFC.

Our production processes are closed cycles to prevent pollution and reduce waste. In fact, the St. Veit/Glan and Neudörfl sites thermally recycle production waste to meet our power needs and generate certified green electricity for the public grid.

Fundermax is proud of its environmentally friendly products and the innovation we bring to manufacturing processes, minimizing the impact on our community and our world. For Fundermax, environmental responsibility is a corporate culture, shared throughout all phases of manufacturing and distribution.

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