Fundermax Exterior Products - Realize Your Unique Vision

Create Your Best with Max Compact Exterior Façade Cladding Products

Creativity in design happens in every aspect of identifying new, trend-setting materials. Architects and designers cannot overlook any opportunity in realizing their vision. Let your imagination soar with Fundermax exterior products. Our unique offering of HPL compact panels provides durable, attractive alternatives to traditional exterior building cladding. Protect your buildings for their lifespans while making a powerful declaration of style and performance.

Inspire building owners with shape, color, and material that tell your design story while meeting creative and performance requirements and expectations. Suitable for a myriad of applications, Fundermax exterior products attributes include:

  • Weather resistance; suitable for any climate
  • Lightfast; high level of UV stability
  • Non-porous
  • Double-hardened surfaces
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Highly impact resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Code compliant
  • Ease of installation

Give your building character and innovation with Fundermax HPL compact panels, also known as phenolic panels.

Create Excitement with Fundermax

Digitally Printed Panels | Fundermax

Digitally Printed Panels

Through the use of digital graphics technology, Individualdécor offers custom imaging for corporate identity, landmark features, maps, sports logos, and more. Add nuance, performance, and design opportunities.
Architectural Panels | Fundermax

Architectural Panels

Architectural HPL panels create visual interest in cladding, balcony panels, dividers and floors, privacy screens and sunshades, pool decks and anti-slip walking surfaces, and outdoor furniture.
Natural Kraft Panels | Fundermax

Natural Panels

Want a unique look? As an interesting alternative to standard exterior cladding, our natural panels provide a wood-like appearance to your structure.


Sustainable, Flexible Exterior Panel Solutions with Fundermax

When it comes to design, buildings must have curb appeal. That appeal must be measured against performance and compliance. Fundermax can offer all three. Fundermax has invested heavily in providing sophisticated visual and tactile experiences with our products, balanced with performance and compliance.

Fundermax allows you to make product selections that reflect on nature's sturdy power, strong accents, and provide calm and harmony. In contrast, Fundermax stone and abstract decors offer excitement, structure, and contemporary design. Whatever the design story is, Fundermax has the aesthetic to compliment it.

Fundermax believes in and embraces environmental responsibility. Every process demands careful consideration of environmental impact, from raw material procurement to manufacturing and disposal of waste materials. Fundermax panels contribute to LEED in several categories. The focus Fundermax places on our environment means you are making an environmentally responsible choice when specifying our products.