Rainscreen Facade

Rainscreen Facade for Sustainability & Modern Design Sense

Building and design have become more focused on sustainability. Every design choice in modern construction can make a difference in a project's environmental impact. Yet no one wants to compromise aesthetic appeal. Do well with high-pressure laminate (HPL) compact exterior panels that offer style too.

Rainscreen or ventilated façades built with HPL (also known as phenolic) compact panels can add energy and excitement to your exterior facade.

Choose from our innovative product lines for large and small format panels or planks that best suit your needs. Our Max Compact Exterior and Individualdécor exterior rainscreen panels are high quality, colorfast, and code compliant. Our patented NT surface with double hardened acrylic-polyurethane resins adds effective protection against the weather, according to standard EN 438-6, type EDF.

The ventilation of HPL compact rainscreen panel systems make a difference as well. These rainscreen panels protect the insulation and manage moisture through a drainage and ventilation plane. This contributes significantly to overall building health.

Rainscreen Façade Paneling / Cladding

Fundermax exterior facade panels don't just protect your project from environmental factors. They also contribute to your environmentally-aware development efforts. Fundermax builds your HPL compact (phenolic) panels to your energy-saving standards to maximize building heat retention and absorb the sun's heat. Reducing needed heating and cooling systems helps minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Take your construction in an innovative direction with phenolic rainscreen panels that offer:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Resistance to wind loads
  • Protection against moisture
  • Color resistance against UV rays
  • Energy savings
  • High aesthetics

Fundermax rainscreen cladding panels also require minimal maintenance. Graffiti, impact, and scratch-resistant, as well as Class A fire rated, this rainscreen facade cladding is easy to install. Fundermax offers several different attachment methods to choose from.

Our exterior facade cladding demonstrates our dedication to developing products that meet the practical needs of our customers while supporting our commitment to sustainability.

Combining Energy Efficiency with Imaginative Design.