Superior Advantages with Fundermax Exterior Innovation

Inspiring Exterior Paneling Applications

We're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but first impressions matter. Even for buildings. Give people a positive idea from the outset with versatile, architectural exterior wall panels that provide limitless possibilities for innovation.

If you can imagine it, we can realize it. With our special focus on sustainability, you can enjoy the confidence that comes with doing the right thing. Make a greener choice with our creative options for your rainscreen facades, soffits, sunshades/louvers, balconies, floors, furniture, and more.

Fundermax's high-pressure laminate (HPL) exterior paneling offers many more advantages too:

  • High quality with an extensive warranty
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Non-porous to last longer
  • Resistant to scratches, graffiti, solvents and chemicals, UV and hail, impact and flame
  • Code compliant and beneficial to LEED certifications

Count on creating a strong impression and a lasting exterior simultaneously when you partner with Fundermax for your high-quality, durable exterior paneling.

Exterior Paneling Applications

So many ways to use Fundermax Exterior Paneling. You’re sure to find the right fit.

Rainscreen Facade | Fundermax

Rainscreen Façade

Add energy efficiency to your design with a rainscreen facade. Absorb sun's heat and reduce building energy load while adding style with Fundermax exterior building cladding.
Soffits | Fundermax


Placing panels horizontally gives you all the advantage of Fundermax Max Compact Exterior panels in soffit applications. One more architectural form you can use to make a statement.
Sunshades/Louvers | Fundermax


We may enjoy the sun, but there are times we need shade from the rays or just want to soften the light. Use Fundermax innovation to create cool spaces.
Balcony | Fundermax


Building balconies give your users somewhere to enjoy the view. With Fundermax exterior cladding, you can add character that makes your build something to look at too.
Furniture | Fundermax


Provide people with places to gather and get things done or relax and restore themselves with easy to clean, weather-resistant, and durable furniture built with Fundermax.
More & More | Fundermax

Much More

The application options with Fundermax exterior paneling have included a real range of ideas including pools, signage, decks, porches, and more. What will you build?

Reliable, Durable Exterior Paneling Innovation

While you're sketching and drafting, thinking and designing, building and creating, Fundermax's team is doing the same. Our aim is to provide resilient commercial exterior wall panel products that support your goal of differentiating your project from the rest.

Fundermax's enthusiastic creatives keep current on the latest design and architecture trends to make sure we're always proposing new solutions for your needs. All that you can do with HPL exterior building cladding (also known as phenolic panels) is evolving to suit new needs and fresh ideas.

Plus, with our exterior wall panels, you can do your best while reducing the environmental impact. We are renewable raw materials processing specialists - and have been for over 100 years.

Our Individualdécor and Max Compact Exterior lines come in a wide variety of finishes to reflect natural beauty, add strong color accents, support harmony, or reveal something new every time you look.

Get the innovative effect you're looking for with Fundermax exterior paneling. The range of applications is as limitless as your imagination.