Fundermax project in Beasain, Spain using Fundermax individual décor digitally printed phenolic panels.

Indar Electric Company in Spain

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryIndar Electric Company S.L.Beasaín, SpainIndar Electric Company (Ingeteam) is a worldwide leading company that designed their new plant in Spain using artwork that evokes their own industry elements. This project has a powerful communicative aesthetic. The black and white artwork consists of a 15,000 sqft. rainscreen façade which includes digital printing on 10 mm thickness Max Compact Exterior …

Grand Fiesta Americana Hotel Fundermax project with Max Compact Exterior product.

Grand Fiesta Americana Hotel in Mexico

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryGrand Fiesta Americana HotelPuebla, MexicoLocated in one of the flourishing, innovative neighborhoods of Mexico, The Grand Fiesta Americana is an impressive hotel that combines luxury with unique amenities. To reflect this prestigious ambiance, the architect chose Max Compact Exterior panels to create a sustainable, yet elegant, rainscreen façade.How Max Compact Exterior Added ValueAs architecture has become more focused …

Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Resort in Argentina project with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior Phenolic Panels

Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Resort in Argentina

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryCasa de Uco Vineyards & Wine ResortMendoza, ArgentinaThe building of the Hotel Casa de Uco designed by Tonconogy Architects has become an icon in the Mendoza Valley in Argentina. This super elegant design shines in the middle of the vineyards that produce some of the best wines of Argentina and in the world. The Max Compact Exterior Dark …

Sedgefield Harris Teeter in Charlotte, North Carolina using Fundermax Max Compact Exterior phenolic panels

Sedgefield Harris Teeter in North Carolina

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryHarris Teeter in SedgefieldCharlotte, North CarolinaThis North Carolina based supermarket chain has experienced growth in the last few years and offered Fundermax the chance to be part of this by using Max Compact Exterior panels for their exterior design. The panels were used in the façade cladding as well as in some other elements like exterior corporate signage.How …

7-Eleven Gas Station in Mexico with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior phenolic panels

7-Eleven Gas Station in Mexico

Dan Simeone

Back to Gallery7-Eleven Gas Station in TezozomocTezozomoc, MexicoGas station in Tezozomoc, Mexico.How Authentic Phenolic Panels Added ValueThe Authentic HPL panels offer this gas station’s design a natural touch creating a good contrast with the petroleum black of the façade. The earth and the fossil fuel colors are combined to bring an organic aesthetic to this building. The 3D geometry obtained …

Max Compact Exterior phenolic panels for the Essence Menino Deus in Brazil

Essence Menino Deus in Brazil

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryEssence Menino DeusPorto Alegre, BrazilThis luxury residential building is located in Menino Deus, a prestigious neighborhood in Porto Alegre, Brazil. All the finishes of the building are high-quality and reflect the standard of life of this area.How Max Compact Exterior Added ValueThe façade has HPL cladding with Max Compact Exterior panels combined with stylish sliding louvers that were …

Mannheim Daycare project with Fundermax

Daycare Center & Parish Hall in Germany

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryDaycare Center & Parish HallMannheim, GermanyThis evangelist church houses the Union congregation and it has a group of buildings that include a children’s day-care center and a parish hall. The octagonal-shaped parish hall creates clear geometry that captures the skyline of Union Street and gives access to the preschool and the community center. The compact volume of this …

Aerospace and Engineering CREC Academy project with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior phenolic panels

CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryCREC Academy of Aerospace and EngineeringWindsor, ConnecticutThe CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering was a renovation involving the transformation of an existing 165,000 sqft. office building into a state-of-the-art magnet school for 735 students in Grades 6 through 12. With differentiated areas for high school, middle school, aerospace/engineering classes, and assembly, its façade theme honors Connecticut’s aeronautics and …

High traffic area with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior phenolic panel

Richard G. Lugar Plaza in Indiana

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryRichard G. Lugar PlazaIndianapolis, IndianaThe old Marion County Courthouse was built in 1876 and was located at 200 East Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The building was designed by Isaac Hodgson and featured an elaborate Baroque architectural style. In addition to serving as a courthouse, the building also held the city government offices until the City Hall was …

Fundermax Max Compact Exterior digital printed Berger project

Berger Office Building

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryBerger Office BuildingBerger Headquarters Office Building utilizing Fundermax’s Individualdécor.How Individualdécor Added ValueThis magnificent façade shows the flexibility of design that Fundermax exterior panels offer. On one hand, a good installation system allows for the creation of a well-defined curve. It also allows a digitally printed motif that decorates the entire façade adjusting to the curve and extending the …

Fundermax Max Compact Exterior Digital Printed Barnstable HS project rendering

Barnstable High School in Massachusetts

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryBarnstable High SchoolHyannis, MassachusettsBarnstable High School is a public high school in the village of Hyannis, Massachusetts, and is a part of the Barnstable Public School District, and was renovated in 2015. To add more character to the sports facility, the rainscreen façade was designed with Fundermax’s digitally printed panels.How Individualdécor Added ValueThe custom design of the digitally …

Max Compact Exterior phenolic panels with Rainscreen Façade.

Windsor Park Fire Station in Alberta

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryWindsor Park Fire StationCalgary, AlbertaThe Windsor Park Emergency Fire Station works as a gateway to the community, along 4th Street SE, and replaced the existing Fire Station #11 in the Calgary community of Windsor Park. This 15,000 sq. ft. facility includes three fire apparatus bays, administrative areas, and living quarters and offers full fire service. The project targets …

Claverton, Maryland project with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior HPL phenolic panels.

Wheaton Library & Recreation Center in Maryland

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryWheaton Library & Recreation CenterClaverton, MarylandThe Wheaton Regional Library and Community Recreational Center is a 92,000 square foot structure situated in the heart of Wheaton, Maryland. The project features a reading room, a gym, an elevated track on the second level above the gym’s basketball courts, computer labs, an arts and crafts room, a pottery room, a vendor …

Simphonia WOA project with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior HPL phenolic panels.

Simphonia WOA Beiramar in Brazil

Dan Simeone

Back to GallerySimphonia WOA BeiramarFlorianópolis, BrazilSimphonia WOA Beiramar is a group of residential buildings – Sonata Place, Jazz Club, Opera House and Soprano Hall – located on the seafront of Florianopolis on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. This group of buildings is composed of four towers that surpass 135ft and house a number of luxury apartments with privileged views of …

Fundermax Max Compact Exterior HPL phenolic panels.

Pathways Academy of Technology & Design in Connecticut

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryPathways Academy of Technology & Design at Goodwin CollegeEast Hartford, ConnecticutPathways Academy of Technology and Design is a magnet school offering different programs for students from grades 9-12 in the field of technology. The school is part of Goodwin College and it is located adjacent to Route 2, at the entrance to the college campus. Amenta Emma’s Education …

Motel Picasso, Fundermax Project in Mexico City.

Motel Picasso in Mexico

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryMotel Picasso Mexico City, MexicoThis project was designed by the architect Alejandro Castañeda from SAX Diseños y Desarrollos. One of the main goals for the conceptual design of this hotel was to honor the name of the artist, Picasso. The architect was able to achieve this by playing with the colors and adding irregular geometry of the elements …

Liverpool Toluca Fundermax Project.

Liverpool Toluca in Mexico

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryLiverpool Toluca Toluca, MexicoLiverpool is a chain of department stores with over 100 outlets throughout Mexico. In 2015, they opened a new location in Toluca, which became one of the most iconic commercial buildings in the surrounding area of Mexico City.How Max Compact Exterior Added Value For their new location in Toluca, they wanted a unique, “stand-out” façade. …

Fundermax Max Compact Exterior panels with an exposed fastening system.

Sodus High School in New York

Dan Simeone

Back to GallerySodus High SchoolSodus, New YorkThe design of this project grew out of the concern for enhanced security at this high school. Previously, an uninviting, deteriorating masonry canopy marked the school’s entry. It was riddled with ramps, stairs, and underutilized circulation space that was not optimized for program use. This renovation process involved design exploration of the building’s entrance. …

Fundermax project in Hooksett, New Hampshire with Max Compact Exterior panels.

Green Center for Student Success at Southern New Hampshire University

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryGreen Center for Student Success at Southern New Hampshire UniversityHooksett, New HampshireEmbracing their future-focused approach to higher education, the University and the design team saw an opportunity to transform the building from an energy liability space to a sustainable asset and create the first LEED-certified building on campus. The school’s New England setting weaves throughout the design, with …

Alto del Carmen Town Hall Fundermax Project with Max Compact Exterior panels.

Alto del Carmen Town Hall in Chile

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryAlto del Carmen Town HallAlto del Carmen, ChileThis project is located in Alto del Carmen, in the Valley of Huasco and the mountain range of The Andes. It is an area where the aridity of the hills meets with the green of the valley creating a very singular landscape. The design of this building was strongly influenced by …