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Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Resort

Mendoza, Argentina

The building of the Hotel Casa de Uco designed by Tonconogy Architects has become an icon in the Mendoza Valley in Argentina. This super elegant design shines in the middle of the vineyards that produce some of the best wines of Argentina and in the world. The Max Compact Exterior Dark Afro Woodgrain décor was used in the façade of this hotel, as well as in the winery located in the same area.
How Max Compact Exterior Added Value

The Fundermax woodgrain decor covers the entire building, showcasing an impressive design in the main façade where a huge window in the center creates a mirror effect capturing the reflection of the landscape.

The Max Compact Exterior panels offer a curtain of sunshades that protect the rest of the glass from the heat of the sun while they create a perfect match with the central mirror. The resistance of the HPL panels ensures the lasting durability of this jewel that emerges in the middle of an extremely arid region permanently exposed to the impact of the sun.

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Rainscreen Façade



Max Compact Exterior




Dark AF #0160

Fastening System:



Estudio Alberto Tonconogy


Cento Generador de Soluciones Arquitectónicas

Photo Credit:

Arq. Alberto Tonconogy