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Santiago International Airport

Pudahuel, Chile

The project at the Santiago International Airport started in 2016 and finished in 2021. It has a terminal with 1,883,684 sqft. With the technical areas and the administration offices added in, the total square footage is 2,685,595.

Fundermax Max Compact Interior phenolic panels were used for the wall lining, design of counters, bathroom partitions, and details in the retail walls.

How Max Compact Interior Added Value

The high impact and scratch-resistance of Max Compact Interior HPL panels make them the perfect fit for high-traffic places such as airports, where the walls and design elements are constantly exposed to people coming and going.

The ease of fabrication also allows for a number of different applications such as washroom and office space partitions, furniture, counters, along with wall linings. By using the same panels for different applications it creates a beautifully connected and cohesive design.

Max Compact Interior high-pressure laminate panels meet the highest standards in code compliance and have one of the best warranties for material and labor in the industry.

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Washroom Partitions
Furniture & Other Interior Applications
Wall Lining


Max Compact Interior






Lamar #0023
Vivo #0024
Tortuga #0041
Neutral Grey Medium #0762
Atlantic #0717
Artic #0718


Luis Vidal + Arquitectos y Asociados


CG Chile | Reali

Photo Credit:

Manuel Simao