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Indar Electric Company S.L.

Beasaín, Spain

Indar Electric Company (Ingeteam) is a worldwide leading company that designed their new plant in Spain using artwork that evokes their own industry elements. This project has a powerful communicative aesthetic.

The black and white artwork consists of a 15,000 sqft. rainscreen façade which includes digital printing on 10 mm thickness Max Compact Exterior phenolic panel to take advantage of the anti-graffiti and nonflammable properties of the panel.

How Individualdécor Added Value

Jesús Jaúregui, from Traficart, is the conceptual mind behind the Indar factory and office building. Both the industry elements and the surrounding environment are reflected on its personalized façade:

"With gears capturing the working element, while a spectacular forest and emotive scenery are used for both the exterior as well as the meeting room."

The architect really enjoyed the freedom that Fundermax Individualdécor allowed.

"My experience with Fundermax's material is relevant in my work since it allows me to express myself artistically, transforming my work from small designs to great scale facades!

In my particular case, it makes it possible to reproduce the images I have created, in large format, projecting them onto panels which allow me to respect the tone and the resolution. My work demands both a product and process which maintains the richness of precision and the native nuances of the original creation. The digital printing work of Fundermax, as well as the composition of the final material, provides the perfect attributes for optimum artistic quality.

The stability, resistance, and reliability of the material guarantees durability for clients. This is very important to me, given the enormous size of the investment when it comes to large-scale exterior projects."

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Rainscreen Façade




Digitally Printed

Fastening System:



Jesús Jáuregui | Traficart

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