The Lodenareal Passive Apartment Building in Austria using Individualdecor Exterior Panels

The Lodenareal Apartment Building in Austria

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryThe Lodenareal Passive Apartment BuildingAustriaThis passive apartment building is a balcony project located in Austria. The Lodenareal is currently the largest residential complex built in the passive house style in Europe.How Individualdecor Phenolic Panels Added ValueIndividualdecor offers higher flexibility using digital printing and allows customized designs at any scale. This multifamily residential building project used Individualdecor to make …

SK Scheidel Kunststoffe in Villingendorf, Germany using Fundermax's Individualdecor panels.

Plastic Company, SK Scheidel Kunststoffe, in Germany

Dan Simeone

Back to GallerySK Scheidel KunststoffeVillingendorf, GermanySK Scheidel Kunststoffe-Glas GmbH is a plastic fabrication company located in Villingendorf, Germany. Fundermax’s Individualdecor gives character to this wall by using an image of a plane on the runway, ready to take off.Back to GalleryApplications: Rainscreen Façade Product: Individualdécor Industry: Transportation Finishes: NT Fastening System: Concealed Colors: Digitally Printed Architects: Gruppe70, Thomas Scherlitz, Villingen-Schwennigen

Baumit in Klagenfurt, Austria using Fundermax's individual decor product.

Baumit Building Materials Store in Austria

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryBaumitKlagenfurt, AustriaHow Individualdécor Added ValueIndividualdécor offers great flexibility using digital printing and allows for customized designs at any scale. This rainscreen façade from Baumit shows how realistic and appealing designs can be when using the Individualdécor digitally printed phenolic panels.Back to Gallery Applications: Rainscreen Façade Product: Individualdécor Industry: Office Building Finishes: NT Colors: Digitally Printed Architects: Baumit

Fundermax project in Beasain, Spain using Fundermax individual décor digitally printed phenolic panels.

Indar Electric Company in Spain

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryIndar Electric Company S.L.Beasaín, SpainIndar Electric Company (Ingeteam) is a worldwide leading company that designed their new plant in Spain using artwork that evokes their own industry elements. This project has a powerful communicative aesthetic. The black and white artwork consists of a 15,000 sqft. rainscreen façade which includes digital printing on 10 mm thickness Max Compact Exterior …

High traffic area with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior phenolic panel

Richard G. Lugar Plaza in Indiana

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryRichard G. Lugar PlazaIndianapolis, IndianaThe old Marion County Courthouse was built in 1876 and was located at 200 East Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The building was designed by Isaac Hodgson and featured an elaborate Baroque architectural style. In addition to serving as a courthouse, the building also held the city government offices until the City Hall was …

Fundermax Max Compact Exterior digital printed Berger project

Berger Office Building

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryBerger Office BuildingBerger Headquarters Office Building utilizing Fundermax’s Individualdécor.How Individualdécor Added ValueThis magnificent façade shows the flexibility of design that Fundermax exterior panels offer. On one hand, a good installation system allows for the creation of a well-defined curve. It also allows a digitally printed motif that decorates the entire façade adjusting to the curve and extending the …

Fundermax Max Compact Exterior Digital Printed Barnstable HS project rendering

Barnstable High School in Massachusetts

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryBarnstable High SchoolHyannis, MassachusettsBarnstable High School is a public high school in the village of Hyannis, Massachusetts, and is a part of the Barnstable Public School District, and was renovated in 2015. To add more character to the sports facility, the rainscreen façade was designed with Fundermax’s digitally printed panels.How Individualdécor Added ValueThe custom design of the digitally …