Tienda Residenza Furniture Shop in The Dominican Republic

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryTienda Residenza Furniture ShopSanto Domingo, Dominican RepublicTienda Residenza is a furniture shop located in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.How Our Max Compact Exterior Panels Added ValueOur Authentic Max Compact Exterior panels offered a genuine look and paired well with the concrete 3D finish of our Skyline surface. This created a beautiful combination, adding to the …

Santa Pola Observation Deck in Spain

Dan Simeone

Back to GallerySanta Pola Observation DeckSanta Pola, SpainThis observation deck starts with a network of existing trails and monuments spread through the area of Santa Pola, in the east of Spain. The observation deck follows the line between a mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea, and it has an undulating shape that mimics the ocean waves. Conceived as a greenway, …

MUK Mixed-Use Building in Austria

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryMUK Mixed-Use BuildingSaalfenden, AustriaMUK is a mixed-use building that combines a residential house and a physiotherapy office. The need for privacy for the residential part is in dialogue with the practice rooms that require discretion. Between the two parts are a terrace and a garden area. The ventilated façade was covered with Fundermax panels and ensures a breathable …

The Lofts of La Baume in France

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryThe Lofts of La BaumeLa Valette-du-Var, FranceWith a mountain backdrop and set on a key heritage site, The Lofts of La Baume is a residential complex that was intended to work in harmony with its environment. The Lofts of La Baume is a strong emblem of the homonymous city, popular for its belfry that can be seen for …

7-Eleven Gas Station in Mexico with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior phenolic panels

7-Eleven Gas Station in Mexico

Dan Simeone

Back to Gallery7-Eleven Gas Station in TezozomocTezozomoc, MexicoGas station in Tezozomoc, Mexico.How Authentic Phenolic Panels Added ValueThe Authentic HPL panels offer this gas station’s design a natural touch creating a good contrast with the petroleum black of the façade. The earth and the fossil fuel colors are combined to bring an organic aesthetic to this building. The 3D geometry obtained …

Mannheim Daycare project with Fundermax

Daycare Center & Parish Hall in Germany

Dan Simeone

Back to GalleryDaycare Center & Parish HallMannheim, GermanyThis evangelist church houses the Union congregation and it has a group of buildings that include a children’s day-care center and a parish hall. The octagonal-shaped parish hall creates clear geometry that captures the skyline of Union Street and gives access to the preschool and the community center. The compact volume of this …