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Santa Pola Observation Deck

Santa Pola, Spain

This observation deck starts with a network of existing trails and monuments spread through the area of Santa Pola, in the east of Spain. The observation deck follows the line between a mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea, and it has an undulating shape that mimics the ocean waves.

Conceived as a greenway, this trail adjusts to the topography of the location. It creates a visible but subtle element, and at the same time offers beautiful views of the landscape where the reef merges with the cape. As per the architects, this long trail along the sea edge lets the walker 'go out, go in, or perch.'

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

The topography of this place is subject to the impact of the sea, with strong winds and the effect of the sun. This combination creates an environment in which the salt from the sea deteriorates materials very quickly.

This led the architects to choose Fundermax's Authentic panels for the horizontal surfaces such as the walkway and benches.

The architects commented that "Fundermax is a good option for the urban development, the landscaping, and the gardening thanks to its proved resistance to climate agents."

The trail divides the landscape smoothly, in some points going by level ground and at others hanging in the air. This adjustment to the topography means that the trail can be seen from a distance as part of the landscape of the place. The earth tone of the Authentic panels also reinforces this natural effect.

The panels have a Hexa 3D finish, adding the necessary anti-slip properties in this location. In addition, the Authentic panel is low maintenance, which makes it extremely suitable for this use.

Finally, in an environment where the material is exposed to a high level of humidity, forming dew during the night, the panels often remain wet. In the morning, because of the hexagonal 3D surface, the deck appears clean due to the panel's 'self-cleaning' property.

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