Max Resistance 2 lab work surfaces form Fundermax for the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Veterinary Technician Lab
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Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Veterinary Technician Lab

Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, or WITC, is a top-ranked college in the North West region of Wisconsin offering a wide range of courses. The new laboratory built for Veterinary Technician students will provide a superb learning environment that is both sustainable and durable.

The casework, manufactured by Mott Manufacturing, is in the color "Linen" and the countertops, manufactured by Fundermax, are Max Resistance2 in the color Black #0082 with a 1-inch thickness.

How Max Resistance2 Added Value
Fundermax's Max Resistance2 phenolic panels were able to add the durable and clean space students needed for hands-on learning. WITC invested in a long-lasting, chemical-resistant work surface to ensure students have the best possible learning environment for years to come.
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Laboratory Work Surface


Max Resistance2





Black #0082


HSR Associates

Dealer & Installer:

Wynn Jones


Counter Reaction

Photo Credit:

Steve Gillett