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Victor Central School District

Victor, New York

This project is an education building located in Victor, New York. The Victor Central School District is a public school district in New York State that serves approximately 4,500 students in the village of Victor and portions of the towns of Farmington and Victor in Ontario County, portions of the town of Perinton in Monroe County, and portions of the town of Macedon in Wayne County.
How Max Compact Exterior HPL Panels Added Value

When planning the design for this school's transportation building, the client was looking for something that would be attractive and "pop" on the exterior of their building while still in a practical price range. That's when they learned about Fundermax. Our Max Compact Exterior panels were used to create a practical, durable, and cohesive design that is low maintenance, code-compliant, and sustainable.

As shown in the pictures, Fundermax's Gentian Blue is used across the exterior. This blue happens to be the school's branded colors and required no custom order so they were able to use the standard phenolic panels in a solid color.

To create the illusion of different colors on the building, the designer used three different finishes on the panels - matte, hexa, and gloss.

The client plans to use Fundermax in the future due to its design flexibility, practical pricing, and ability to easily detail without a lot of parameters.

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Raincreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior








Gentian Blue #0237

Fastening System:

Exposed Fastening System




Ajay Glass

Photo Credit:

CAS Reps