United Therapeutics Organ Manufacturing Group using Max Resistance 2 laboratory work surfaces from Fundermax
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United Therapeutics Organ Manufacturing Group

Manchester, New Hampshire

The United Therapeutics site in Manchester, New Hampshire is renowned for its OMG (Organ Manufacturing Group) and in particular the Lung Biotechnology.

Understanding the need to preserve health and thus reduce wait times for organ transplants, United TherapeuticsOrgan Manufacturing Group (OMG) mission statement is to "manufacture an unlimited supply of transplantable organs before the end of the decade."

How Max Resistance2 Added Value

Fundermax's Max Resistance2 phenolic panels were selected because the client was concerned about bleach staining the work surfaces when cleaning. Due to the high level of sanitation needed in the lab, bleach is regularly used.

Additionally, Max Resistance2 was selected for the performance and speed of delivery.

OMG invested in long-lasting, chemical-resistant work surfaces to ensure employees have the best possible environment for years to come.

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Laboratory Work Surface


Max Resistance2





Black #0082



Installer & Dealer:

Lab Fitout by Stem Solutions


Milestone Construction

Photo Credit:

Stem Solutions