This new Starbucks is located in a new retail shopping center in West Palm Beach consisting of Fundermax’s Max Compact Exterior phenolic panels.
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West Palm Beach Starbucks

West Palm Beach, Florida

This Starbucks was a new build in a shopping center located in West Palm Beach. They originally were looking at metal panels, but decided to choose Fundermax phenolic panels due to their durability,

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

Fundermax panels are able to handle the high heat, humidity, and UV rays that are in Florida without losing colorfastness or risk of delamination.

Max Compact Exterior HPL panels from Fundermax were chosen due to their ability to be installed below 10 feet, extreme durability, industry-leading US exterior warranty, design freedom/decor options, and ease of installation.

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Exterior Soffits


Max Compact Exterior




Charcoal #0077


NT / Matte

Fastening System:

Exposed Fasteners


Storyn Studio for Architecture


Red Door Construction

Photo Credit:

Formas, Inc.