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San Juan de Dios Psychiatric Hospital

Zapopán, Mexico

Before the renovation of this hospital, the façade was very old and not in very good condition. For this reason, the owners wanted to do something different that resulted in a more durable and clean façade while creating a new corporate image.

First, the main entrance and the interior of the building were renovated. After that, and with the hospital back to operating 24/7, the rest of the work was carried out. The creation of a rainscreen was possible while the hospital was fully operational.

The installation of the façade was quick and easy, which allowed this work to be completed without interfering with the normal activity of the hospital.

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

The rainscreen façade, with Fundermax Max Compact Exterior panels, offers the building additional protection from the exterior. The impact, scratch, and weather resistance of the material offers this centennial building extraordinary durability.

The light color that the architects chose for this façade is, just like any other color from Fundermax, very easy to clean and hardly needs any maintenance. This makes it a perfect match for a hospital which is always wanting to convey to its users a sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

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Rainscreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior




Pastel Grey #0074



Fastening System:

Exposed Fasteners


Arq. Jorge Rodríguez

Photo Credit:

Instalika SA de CV