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Plaza Central Centro Comercial Shopping Mall

Bogotá, Colombia

Plaza Central is a shopping mall in Bogota, located in one of the most dynamic business belts in Colombia. It has 815,904 sqft with a wide offer of prestigious brands both at the domestic and international level.

This mall has five squares splitting the space in thematic areas: sports, fiction, theater, events and news. As a special feature, Plaza Central has a high-performance back lighted façade.

How Max Compact Exterior HPL Panels Added Value

Straight lines, curves, colors, and strategic positions of the panels that allow a backlighting design is what Max Compact Exterior brings to this 150,700 sqft façade.

The wide color range capabilities of FunderMax allowed the usage of different color palettes.

The ease of fabrication and installation, helped to create curved long arms on both sides of each entrance, welcoming people into the mall.

A curved façade in one of the corners hides a backlighting system that transforms the building at night, offering the appeal of a spectacle.

Last, but not least, the whole building, with its Fundermax envelope shows the shape of a Colombian traditional hat when it is observed from the air.

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Rainscreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior



Fastening System:



Saffron #0736
Golden Yellow #0647
Maize #0687
Atlantic #0717
Steel Blue #0712
Dove Blue #0703
Dark Green #0059
Yellowish Green #0725
Terracotta #0661
Old Pink #0692
Cinnamon #5032
Medium Grey #0747


Tamayo Montilla Arquitectos


Inacril SAS

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Photo Credits:

Arq. Ronal Armando Rojas