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Gym at the MHP Offices

Kyiv, Ukraine

Myronivsky Khliboproduct (MHP) is the largest agroindustrial holding in Ukraine. This company really cares about its employees. Thanks to innovation and technology, people who work at the company every day keep the leading position of the company in the world rating.

The high indicators of MHP are not just the heritage of intellectual wins, but rather the internal work of the company leaders over the roots of the creative and healthy atmosphere in the office. Reconstruction of the sports hall became one of the next steps in this way.

How Max Compact Interior Panels Added Value

The COMFORTZONE together with Yuriy Krasin (Scotch Group) covered the space made for active training and sports. Thanks to joint efforts, as well as with the support of the holding's administrative group, a high-tech space for physical self-improvement appeared on the territory of MHP.

New simulators, modern bright design, high-quality finishing materials, successful space zoning, and, of course, Fundermax. The interaction of professionals, technology, and quality materials made this project the way you see it.

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Max Compact Interior

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Office Building


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Yuriy Krasiy (The Skotch Group)

Photo Credit:

Oleksiy Koluchkin