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Lockport Family YMCA

South Lockport, New York

The 52,000-square-foot building constructed on Snyder Drive replaced a three-story building on East Avenue in the City of Lockport, which the YMCA has called home since 1926. Included in the design is a swimming pool and gym on the first floor and a three-lane running track above the gym on the second floor. Men's and women's locker rooms were placed between the gym and the pool and the site includes 325 parking spaces. This is the largest nonindustrial construction project in the Town of Lockport's recent history as it's a $15 million YMCA. Learn more about the details of this project on the CJS Architect website.
How Max Compact Exterior HPL Panels Added Value

When designing this family YMCA building, the client was looking for a durable, high-quality woodgrain panel that wouldn't exceed their budget. So when they learned about Fundermax and our realistic woodgrain phenolic panels, they were eager to partner.

Throughout the exterior of the building, natural materials are used and the architect wanted a more durable option to pair with these materials without it contrasting too much.

Due to Fundermax's design flexibility, panel durability, and longevity, our panels were chosen for this project to create a practical, durable, and cohesive design that is low maintenance, code-compliant, and sustainable.

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Raincreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior


Culture & Community




Enigma #0923

Fastening System:

Scaleo Lap Siding


CJS Architects


Rochester Davis Fetch Corp

Building Promoter:

Cannan Alexander & Scott

Photo Credit:

CAS Reps