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University of Kansas School of Architecture Student Project: Ash Street

Lawrence, Kansas

Situated along the Lawrence Levee Trail and along the north bank of the Kansas River, this charming building harbors a residence created and built by students from Kansas University.

The 722 Ash Street residence consists of a 1500 sqft primary house with a contiguous 500 sqft accessory dwelling.

This complex of buildings features timeless yet vernacular architecture, using technology and a well-conceived design. The contribution in reducing energy consumption is one of the highlights of this project that was built to be LEED Platinum Certified.

How Max Compact Exterior HPL Panels Added Value

The whole building's exterior consists of a rainscreen façade cladded with Max Compact Exterior panels. The façade itself is a key factor to create interior comfort and generate energy savings.

Additionally, the woodgrain of Max Compact Exterior allows a perfect match of the architectural design with the surrounding nature. All the walls and roofs are cladded with thin woodgrain stripes, which, from a bird’s-eye view, confer the natural look of a cozy house in the woods.

Lastly, Fundermax donated all of the exterior phenolic panels for this project as part of a sustainability push and learning program with the University of Kansas, Studio 804.

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Rainscreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior






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Fastening System:

Exposed Fastening System


Studio 804

Photo Credit:

Corey Gaffer Photography