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Jetton & Meredith Law Offices

Charlotte, North Carolina

This was a renovation of an existing building in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina that was given a sleek new modern look.

The phenolic rainscreen was an excellent use of two different Fundermax decors to provide dimension to a rather stale aesthetic for the Charlotte-based Jetton & Meredith Attorney’s office. A rather simple and economical option to provide a completely refreshed, new look.

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

Due to the building's entrance being south-facing, paired with the client choosing primarily black materials, the system chosen needed to be able to withstand the extreme UV and weather exposure and not delaminate. Fundermax, with a 10-year material and labor warranty, was the clear option when looking to reclad their building with phenolic panels.

Additionally, the wood look was achieved with the same material and same warranty ensuring a satisfied owner for the years to come due to our durability, longevity, and industry-leading US exterior warranty.

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Rainscreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior


Office Building


Black #0080

Creek #0927


NT / Standard Finish

Fastening System:

Exposed Fastening System




Insight Architects, Kristina Held


Fairwood Builders

Partner Rep Agency:


Photo Credit:

Jackson Petty