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Esplendor by Wyndham Asunción

Asunción, Paraguay

The Wyndham Hotel Group chose the city of Asunción to open their first Wyndham Grand Hotel in Latin America. The role of the chain Espelendor Hoteles, which already has ten luxury hotels in Latin America and the US, was important as it was their first partnership with Wyndham.

This 16-story hotel has 206 rooms, from which 28 are 540 sq. ft. suites, triple rooms, double rooms, and connecting rooms. Additionally, it has a rooftop with a swimming pool, spa, gym, and a parking lot for 120 cars.

How Max Compact Interior Added Value

The striking interior wall cladding of this hotel presents the Max Compact Interior panels in two different ambiances. On one hand, the reception area and the breakfast room (in the first floor as an open balcony looking towards the reception area) was all cladded with white panels for both the walls and ceiling.

In all this area, the panels show perforations that allow astonishing backlighting, letting the light emerge from the backspace between the walls and the Max Compact phenolic panels. The result is an effect that mimics galactic space with light beams emerging from the walls and roof, projected to several directions.

The other areas cladded with Max Compact Interior were the stair walls and some hallways. In these places, they used a woodgrain panel that imprints elegance to these spaces.

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Manuel Simao