Hospital de Puerto Montt in Puerto Montt, Chile with Max Compact Exterior panels from Fundermax
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Hospital de Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt, Chile

The Hospital of Puerto Montt is one of the hospitals with the highest complexity in the region of Los Lagos in Chile. This project is new construction to replace the old hospital of the city. These new facilities included some changes in terms of the physical infrastructure to supply better service and improve the standards.

The concrete structure of this 847,700 sq. ft. building, is all covered with an HPL rainscreen façade.

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

The architects conceived the construction of this building with many energy efficiency measures. The rainscreen façade is one of them as it contributes to energy savings and brings comfort to the interior of the building.

The façade was all cladded with Max Compact Exterior panels from Fundermax, with a woodgrain that blends perfectly with the surrounding area.

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Rainscreen Façade


Max Compact Exterior




Akro Almond #0931




Alvaro Prieto L.

Patricio Klenner Sch.


CG Chile

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CG Chile