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Holiday Inn Express Ensenada

Ensendada, Mexico

Holiday Inn, the worldwide recognized hotel brand that you can find almost everywhere, has its focus on business and drive-by tourism. From the cosmopolitan energy of big cities like New York or Hong Kong to peaceful remote roads from all around the world, you can find a Holiday Inn Express hotel in all types of places.

In 2021, celebrating its 30th anniversary, the company has more than 3,000 hotels. This project in Ensenada is one of its newest hotels and it has a rainscreen façade that was completely cladded with Max Compact Exterior panels.

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

High durability, weather and UV resistance, and impact and scratch resistance make Max Compact Exterior panels suitable in any environment and enable a long-lasting façade that looks new for a very long time.

This is one of the reasons why they are a perfect match for any type of building that experiences a high level of daily use.

The panels also contribute to a sense of corporate image and create a great impression among the hotel’s clientele, upgrading the exterior of the building and creating a warmer and more welcoming look.

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Rainscreen Facade


Max Compact Exterior




Venus #0421

Black #0080


NT / Matte

Fastening System:

Concealed Fastener


Proyectos Cali

Photo Credit:

Grupo Basica ®