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Hangar 24 Taproom

Irvine, California

Hangar 24 Taproom is in the Intersect Campus Business Park in Irvine, California. The building is unique in that it incorporates two shipping containers into the design to help reuse materials as the designer had a goal of sustainability. This is why they used shipping containers and Fundermax panels; both a movement in sustainable design.

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

Max Compact Exterior panels are durable so they are able to withstand the abuse of traffic and weathering in both their exterior and interior deck spaces. This helps keep maintenance costs low.

Additionally, Fundermax's focus on sustainability aligned with the designer's goal and mission when creating this concept.

Lastly, because this is a restaurant and taproom, cleanability and sanitation is extremely important. Because Max Compact Exterior panels can easily be cleaned and are non-porous, they won't capture or store bacteria and any dirt on the panels can be cleaned with harsh chemicals.

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Rainscreen Façade

Interior Wall Lining



Max Compact Exterior




Pastel Grey #0074
White #0085


NT / Matte

Fastening System:

Exposed Fastener

Photo Credit:

Fundermax North America