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Hampton Inn & Suites

Miami, Florida

Hampton Inn & Suites in Miami was looking to remodel their building to help uplift the appearance to one that is fresh and welcoming. This hotel is near the airport so its goal is to encourage travelers to stop in and relax. So, to give the hotel a warmer, more modern look, they chose Fundermax panels for their entryway and poolside area.

How Max Compact Exterior Panels Added Value

The area being renovated for the hotel was in two high-traffic areas so the architects were sure to choose a high-quality, durable material that could handle anything from suitcases bumping into it to the heat and humidity of Florida.

Max Compact Exterior HPL panels from Fundermax were chosen due to their ability to be installed below 10 feet, extreme durability, industry-leading US exterior warranty, and ease of installation.

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Rainscreen Façade

Exterior Soffits


Max Compact Exterior




Akro Almond #0931


NT / Matte

Fastening System:

Modulo Plank Fastening System


Adache Group Architects


Paradise Awnings

Photo Credit:

Fundermax North America