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Fundermax Lab Showroom

Vienna, Austria

Examples of lab work surfaces made with Max Resistance2

How Max Resistance2 Adds Value

Fundermax's laboratory grade solid phenolic compact panels open the door to limitless design opportunities with Max Resistance2. Suitable for laboratory surfaces such as:

  • Work surfaces / Countertops
  • Partitions
  • Furniture /Cabinets
  • Shelving / Reagent Shelving
  • Fume Hood Liners

Durability in the harshest of environments, Max Resistance2 is available in a range of colors. Utilizing the unique RE technology, developed by Fundermax Scientists in Austria, the lab grade material benefits from a double cured acrylic, non-porous coating which gives rise to an anti-bacterial surface. A much-needed requirement in the lab of today and the future!

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