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DePaul College Prep High School

Chicago, Illinois

DePaul College Prep High School is a Catholic university, priding itself on its dedicated faculty and enhance learning on a 17-acre campus. Benefitting from seven state-of-the-art science labs and four new maker spaces, this project awarded to Scott Laboratory Solutions includes fixed casework from Mott Manufacturing, the Altus Table systems, and a Pro Series Fumehood from Mott Manufacturing.

The flexibility of the systems utilized enables social distancing while allowing collaborative learning.

The casework and tables are in the color "Bright White," and the countertops, manufactured by Fundermax, are Max Resistance2 in the color "Black" (#0082) in a 1-inch thickness.

How Max Resistance2 Added Value
Fundermax's Max Resistance2 phenolic panels were able to add the durable and clean space students needed for hands-on learning in their classrooms. DePaul College Prep invested in a long-lasting, chemical-resistant work surfaces to ensure students have the best possible learning environment for years to come.
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Laboratory Work Surface


Max Resistance2





Black #0082


Moody Nolan

General Contractor:

Bulley & Andrews


Scott Laboratory Solutions


American Epoxy Scientific

Photo Credit:

Dawn Jacobs