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Naperville, Illinois

As a global Contract Research Organization Laboratory (CRO) to the biopharmaceutical industry, CellCarta provides access to a broad offering of biomarker platforms and services. They address the most complex scientific testing needs, delivering customized biomarker testing solutions to further the limitless potential of precision medicine.

CellCarta, which is under the private ownership of Arsenal Capital, is the union of scientific pioneers of the CRO industry supporting discovery, translational and clinical research.

The new lab located in Naperville, IL was a design-build through Harry Kloeppel. Spanning eight labs, the bright and airy space is set to house a growing number of scientists for CellCarta. Selecting the modular solution also means that the layouts of each lab have a good degree of flexibility.

How Max Resistance2 Added Value
Commenting on the choice of work surface material used, Allen Keaveney, Harry Kloeppel said: “Installation was quick and easy, our client, CellCarta, were adamant on using a lab grade phenolic – selecting Fundermax was a natural choice!“
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Laboratory Work Surfaces


Max Resistance2




Deep Black #0082


1 inch

Casework Manufacturer:

Air Master Systems (AMS)

Design and Lab Consulting:

Harry J. Kloeppel & Associates, Inc.


Casework Systems Installations, Inc


Counter Reaction

Photo Credit:

Fundermax North America